A live chat is one of the channels of communication supplied by some website hosting companies as a part of their support service. Depending on the service provider, the chat is used for billing, pre-sales and/or tech assistance. This method of communication is quicker in comparison to a support ticket and it will make it much more unlikely to misunderstand or misspell anything compared to a call with an agent. Furthermore, when the issue that you have needs some time to be reviewed and dealt with, you're able to do something else at the same time rather than just waiting, as you'd have to do when you call. Also, you can take advantage of a live chat assistance service absolutely free as long as you have web access even when your website hosting provider is situated in another country and they don't have a local phone number you can call.

Live Chat Support in Cloud Web Hosting

In addition to the telephone and ticket support, we provide live chat support as well. You can get in touch with us every day, which includes holidays and weekends, and we will give you more info about the cloud web hosting that we offer in case you are not a customer yet, or about common and billing questions if you already have an account. Though for entirely technical issues you'll need to open a ticket to the tech assistance team, because such matters need more time to be taken care of, you may still contact us on the live chat for some tech information. For example, we're able to help you set up an e-mail address in your e-mail client or troubleshoot numerous problems, saving you a long time. Even when our phone lines are already off for the day, you will be able to speak to a live person.

Live Chat Support in Semi-dedicated Hosting

We supply live chat support as standard with our services, so that if you have any kind of questions about our Linux semi-dedicated hosting, you will be able to talk with our customer care team at any time no matter if you have already obtained an account or not. Generally, the chat service is intended for billing, pre-sales and basic questions and issues, still we will help you with a lot of tech questions as well. We will help you choose the optimal plan for your websites in case you don't have an account yet, we can answer any billing questions or issues you have or we can help you with installing your new e-mail address on your personal computer or smartphone - all of this will be done quickly because our live chat service is accessible all day, every day. Whenever you want support, you're able to chat with an agent and save time and effort.